Work With Lynette Crosby

I am dedicated to helping others through removing Blocks for Energy Workers, light workers, Healers, and the the confused or unsure. I offer motivational calls and support during some of the challenging moments of your life to help increase your positivity vocabulary, your encouragement vocabulary and help you learn to celebrate all things big and small.

All roads lead to the same place. These are some of specific issues that I have worked with clients and that I apply to my own life with unconditional love and support for all.

  • Detoxification
  • Raw Food
  • Angel Issues
  • Anger Relief, Release, Experiencing joy
  • Yelling, Justifying, Afraid to speak to other thing hurting yourself and others and you are ready to
  • Weigh Release: what works and what didn’t
  • Insomnia What to do when you’ve tried Everything
  • Constipation
  • Seeing Numbers
  • Helping Children Who Suffer with Nightmares

What’s this happiness? Why are You angry?

All roads lead to the same place… you cannot get this wrong.
During our 30/60 calls I will share with you desires and goals or personal situation and I will share my suggestion and or personal experience so that you can.

We will work through:

  • Processing your emotions
  • Gain tools and tangible exercises including Loving/Forgiving yourself and others
  • Parasite Cleansing
  • Energy Cleansing

My Client Barbara Colon:

Work With Me As Needed

Work With Me Ongoing: The 444 Program
Each month 4 people have 4 hours of calls to be used over 4 weeks of Guidance, Listening, helping you figure out where you need to be to what is your focus now and how to keep the momentum to set and reach goal and create the reality though your thoughts beliefs and actions.