Ohanaite Orgone

February 7, 2017

20161125_231038A man found out he was color blind for some reason his body language revealed that he felt uncomfortable with the realization. So, a woman that was with him said to comfort him “There’s nothing wrong with being color blind.” The man then said ‘No, (It’s) Just… (I realized) I’m missing out on life.

Ohananite/Orgone Art that consist of Crystal, Resin, Metal, Inorganic and Organic Material that when combined create a piece of art that serves a purpose unique to the individual beyond visual appeal. In fact, the best way to experience your first piece is to place a few in your hands and have your eyes closed so that the piece can pick you! Seriously! No gimmicks, no illusions. Once a piece is complete and whole it finds it’s missions and purposes to connect with the person, animal, or environment to assist in supporting and raise the vibration. To teach the lessons that it has to teach and to activate and empower. Art that is an experience and that complements the instrument that is the body in all its forms. Your whole perception of the world… and it just changes… I realized that there is a wealth of experiences that all of us are missing out on feelings, sounds, realizing that Joy is Tangible Freedom. How do you even start to describe this to someone, you help them to have the experience for themselves.

I experience this and more in my existence daily and that’s for me why I continue to want to explore the world and share what I get to experience with you.
If you want to live the truth that is the Rainbow and experience Joy as freedom instead of the Illusion of a dull, black and white world around you… Welcome Home! You are right ware your supposed to be. Congratulations!

Feel Energy as Color Feel Color as Energy, Touch Sound, See Music, Experience Joy as color or sound the possibility are unique to you and expanded by your beautiful imagination the truth that is the rainbow, ever growing and evolving as you evolve. Have you never felt color, have you never seen sound? Ask yourself how have your lived without feeling energy?!!!
Experience these magnificent one of a kind Pieces of Art from The Joy in The Journey Series I have created to assist you on your path. Release Date: TBD (To Be Determined)

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