Little Gods

June 17, 2017

The Story of the Angel Stone

It was a simple day Spring time an hour and a half before sunset, when I received a phone call from Angel telling me that he was in the park with is granddaughter’s and that I should come join them, so I did. I had not seen them since December so I was so excited to be with them again so that I could Love on them and hug them up. When I got to the “tot lot” I felt like playing alone side them so we ran around and climbed up the tower, went down the slide, drove the steering wheels and had an all+around   great time before we knew it the sun started setting and it was time to go home, None of us were ready like any children to leave the park so we made a deal Angel would go get ice cream, order pizza and get a movie while we got washed up! As we walked in the house I told Emily and Christiana to take off their coats Christiana stuck her hand in her pocket and showed me the Angel Stone, which I was shocked to see because it had been on the window seal for almost a year. From the moment, at Seven Stars book and Crystal shop that I place that angels stone that was carved in the shape of a Angel Wing in my hand and felt the energy of it shoot up my arm and out and down my other arm I knew it had so much to teach me and I was open to the knowledge but how did Christiania get it, had been sitting on the window seal for over a year they must have stopped at the house before the park. She had not been here in almost a year there were so many Inner Piece Orgone (that is what I called Ohanaite at the time.) pieces around and I knew she loved those she never seemed much interested in just stones or crystals and then… She looked at me and said put this stone in the water… Divinely, plain, matter of fact, with the life altering wisdom of lifetimes. I knew what she was saying was truth, I could feel it and I knew I would do it. I was guided to put Angel Stone in the Water by a 3 year old child named Christina (All children should be supported and guided because each of them have special and multiple gifts as in children with Chris or Christ name carry the Christ Consciousness should be taught Divine Love and Divine Joy which are the ultimate Protection from birth (for more information on how to do this please contact  

After this wonderful gift was reviled to me we looked out the window the 3 of us together watched the sun set and talked about Angels while we described the colors of the grand show the universe put on for us, majestic, beautiful, cozy sunset deep purples, pinks, oranges, and light like cotton candy. We sat there bathing in the Divine Love of each other’s company present not looking forward or back we were in joy living in that moment that experience the Divine Joy that is our birthright as we waited for their Grandfather to bring us ice cream…

Not to long after that day I put the angel stone in the water, I did it and it changed my life and the life of my clients and Divine Assignments Forever Including a young man who choose to replace his drinking alcohol with Angel Stone Water. I made water one of my passion and I gave her mom Laura the first “Official” filter I ever made. In October/November of 2016. I  not sure how Christina got that Angel Stone but I am glad she did, and I know it was one of the many Divinely guided synchronicity and miracles I get to experience every day. I Love You Little Gods.

This is Dedicated to All the Little Gods in My Life.

I am listening with my heart and I hear you with my inner child and soul and I am grateful for you!

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