How ARLTA Got it’s Name

February 22, 2017 was created as a celebration of my Life Purpose and Soul Mission. Through it’s creation I was able to reach past my circumstances and realize the magnitude of my power. To heal and turn my grief into Gratitude. I began the process of challenging myself to take a LEP and start a periscope journey to share the creation of my business. LEP, that was the word I saw on the back of a car that empowered me to as Kelley Rosanio would say “create my best life, self and business.” I knew that choosing this experience to honnor My Mommy’s life was the key to it all and she did to. With my Mommy, Animal Guides, Spirit Guides, Angels, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters Universal energies Sensi Christopher Witecki of and LaShonda Henry aka communicating with empowering me and holding my hand when needed. Yes Angels Talk to me and I talk to them. I was not ready to speak about that at this time but I would not have been here without them or my earth angel, Angel T. PZ. Who took me on a hike to this spot almost a year before to the day my life forever changed. For all of whom guided my way and held my hand I am Divinely Grateful. I am proud of how much I Divinely Love, Understand, and Embrace Me. I Celebrate Me, MY Inner Child and Children, All Names, Beyond Time, All Dimensions, All Universes All Cosmoses, All Forms. ALL. I LOVE YOU Mommy. I know my why and it’s greater than I ever imagined…

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