About Lynette Crosby

Lynette Crosby – Ohanaite: I AM a Lightworker; Teacher of Teachers; Artist; Educator; Motivational; Speaker; Life Coach Guide and a Evolving Spiritual Being… Embracing My Humanity as I inspire others to have Faith in Humanity Sharing my journey and creating a solid foundation for my heart baised business. I empower and inspire by my actions and the way I live my lifeā€¦ Including not excluding; embracing not ostracizing; respecting not alienating; unconditionally loving and supporting those who genuinely want to reach past their circumstances and realize the magnitude of their power. Once I took the time to take care of myself I found out that I am now who I have always been: just enhanced, and complemented by the experiences of my existence. My soul is that of the lion and my spirit is that of the ox. As new and exciting totem animals enter my life and share and teach me their lessons I share my experiences with you. My hair is my main; I have a mind for business, and the fingers of a writer, and the shoulders of a loyal friend. Love is my pen name, and I am Unconditional Love literally I encompass and define the word through my poetry, writing, creative endeavors and life. Singing is my first love. I am a dancer and I love to dance. I utilize healthy relationships based in truth, and laughter as my talisman. I face this world with the eyes of a child. I embody philosophy of living a full and vibrant life. I’ve learned to respect the process of life. I’ve learned to respect the power of Unconditional Love. I AM Grateful to be Me. I love me and I love you All Ways, All Names, All Times, All Dimensions, All Universes, All Galaxies, All Forms, All. I am grateful for you and grateful for the journey.