Life Check: It’s Time To Raise Our Vibration. We ARE Divine Love. Humanity… Mount Up.

January 17, 2017

Doing something greater than yourself, greater than ever imagined. I am grateful.  What I focus or fight I give power to. Anything I love I give power to. I choose to give my power my voltage to love laughter Joy and inspiring others as they have inspired me. What is so beautiful, wonderful amazing beyond our current perspective that all of this has been created to distract us from it? That is the question to ask yourself and others as often. Ask it aloud when your think no body’s listing. The answers have already revealed themselves, all you have to do is look to find them, they will reveal themselves in the most miraculous and tangible ways.

I was the awkward girl who was too sensitive, never fit in, made people uncomfortable with my views of the world, bullied etc. I am now a confident human who realizes that she has a soul, and is a spiritual being on a human journey. Inspiring others like me to reach past the circumstances and realized the magnitude of their power. Power that they do not need to fear in themselves or others because true power is Divine Love (not religious, but amazing spectacular wonderful Divine Love).

There’s been a lot of fear energy put out into the world. I know that my vote is my voltage, my energy. If you fight something for a long enough of time, there is the possibility of becoming that thing, person situation. At least in your frequency. I know this because I experienced the low frequency when in my own life when I have focused on what I did not want instead of focusing on what I wanted. That is why I focus on Higher Love and how to get more if it. I am grateful for you, all parts of you know an unknown reveled yet to be revealed. Join me Lynette Crosby on Periscope and let’s Inspire Higher Love and Joy In ourselves and others all this week together, talking about funny stuff and creating some interesting things in front of people live. I set my intention that this will put Love the world  Define Love, Divine Love. I am going make as many people smile as I can. I know that there are bad things low frequency things in the world, I know that my story would astound you but my story is not my badge of honor it is the pool of knowledge that I pull from to inspire faith in humanity. I live to love in spite of all I know, because I know this, low-frequency things/energies feed off of fear. If you have something to fight it’s because you’re in its frequency. You want Higher Love raise your vibration and bath in that frequency.  I invite you to join me, if you’re unable to I hope you spread that beautiful light you have inside you.

Life Check: It’s Time To Raise Our Vibration. We ARE Divine Love.

Humanity… Mount Up.

Article Inspired by Mayim Bialik

Lynette Crosby

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